Friday, December 17, 2010

american research center in abydos

I’m writing from the blessedly quiet American Research Center in Abydos, set down in a swale between dunes, a low spot formed by a water flow (though no water flows now). It’s 7 am December 17th - nine hours ahead of my old New Mexico time zone. Most of the team is sleeping, apart from my British friend Tim – a doctoral student at Brown University. He’s reading here in the sufra (living room) – something about Napoleon’s Egypt. It is incredibly good to be here; getting here was full of those gyrations typical to Egypt travel. We couldn’t take the train – it’s off limits for Western travelers. We rented a van, waited for a police escort (for hours!), and cruised the rough desert highway south arriving at 8pm – nearly 12 hours after our planned departure.  This still, cool morning is refreshing after Cairo – and a calm before the commotion of the dig, which we’ll begin tomorrow. 


  1. I am coming to find you! Literally.

    Haha! Hi ya G! I am headed to Egypt from Jan 5th to Jan 17th, and I would love to meet up with you if you have a chance. My plans are still fluid---arriving and departing from Cairo, and most likely doing a highlights loop---Cairo, Luxor, Red Sea at Dahab, and maybe a quick Israeli jaunt. Not sure if you will be out on the dig the entire time, or if you are switching to Christina's dig as well...

    Hope to see you, and enjoy your time there!

    Merry X Mas and Happy New Years! (I will be celebrating in Istanbul--yay!)

    Matt Kenny

  2. Alright! I'll be in Cairo by the 15th. Let's meet up there if you're near - or tell me where you're headed. Wow - exciting Christmas plans. Happy Christmas and New Year too. See you soon!