Saturday, December 25, 2010


It seems that if I time-traveled back to an ancient Egypt, if I was part of a society on this very same piece of earth, but thousands of years ago, I would be preparing for the afterlife.  Or thinking about it, or making appropriate offerings - hoping that the god, along his procession way, would notice my efforts.  There is a procession way out here in the desert sands, sort of. At least, the archaeological evidence speaks to a great deal of activity with another plane in mind. Shrines, graves, subterranean tombs, and funerary structures of all kinds, constructed over centuries, were built as portals connecting the present to the eternal. The living were involved in relationships with those who had crossed into another realm. I cannot, in good conscience, call this other realm the place of the dead because it seems so lively and populated - at least it was viewed as such. No wonder some folks today ponder the likelihood that ancient Egyptians were in cahoots with alien beings. They were in communion, in their hearts and minds, with their ancestors and gods.


  1. That was an awesome song by Nocturnal Company...may have to find a CD with their kind of relaxation music! Thanks for posting this the spot where you are working? I can't believe you have such an opportunity to continue your studies in ancient Egypt; you must bring back photos for all to see! Ayla is growing like a weed, has a cold right now; first time to run a little fever; Jianna and Bry take off for a long needed getaway to Cabo San Lucas on Jan 9th...he again won this trip through his work...3rd in the nation!! Take care...much love to you!

  2. Thanks Debby! I hope all is well with them - their travels and you all. Hello and hugs! Kiss that baby's cheek for me!

    Love, Gaea