Wednesday, February 2, 2011

leaving egypt

My survey partner (above) and I are leaving this desert country - trading it for another . . . one we hear is under snow. New Mexico - unpredictable weather and those predictably excellent skies. Please keep your eye on the news and some of your best thoughts on us. We'll all be fine, and so will this ancient stuff. It can wait for another season. But it is so sad to leave some dear friends and especially at a time when their nation is in turmoil.

Homeward bound!



  1. Gaea, So glad you are headed home! I know your mom and dad will be happy to get you back in the states, even if it isn't all the way back to Capitol Reef. Be safe...Linda Mastry

  2. I just love reading your notebook are an amazing writer drawing my attention to all the details; makes me feel as if I am right there with you! Write yourself a book girlfriend! So happy you are back with us in NM for the time being! Come and visit anytime! Always have a room for ya!

  3. Oh, sorry, it's me Deb/Beebe 2/12/11