Saturday, March 20, 2010

dogs rule . . the beach

In San Fransisco we found the Fort Funston Dog Park - a land sculpted by the forces of nature and the footfalls of domestic packs. The dog-walkers of the city bring their charges down to the ocean and unleash them - literally. Very few pups were still tethered to a human counter-part. Leaving the city behind people and pets find freedom together or apart. People hang-glide from the cliffs, or para-sail, hike, rest, paint - all with dogs on the loose, descending dunes and running into waves. What a land-scape of escape!
The canine socialization seems highly successful - at least of the beach sample we observed. There was lots of frolicking and no notable fighting. The pup I brought (from the desert) ran into the water after the sticks I tossed and fled incoming waves on a quick set of three legs. All of this happens in-place of the fort's mid-20th century military maneuvers. The gun batteries of this former military outpost are still here, but defunct and broken. Today a dog-walking journey down the coast encounters dog Buddha and here you and the happiest dogs in town can picnic in the clefts of sea-worn rocks.
Leaving the sea was sad for the humans on this road trip, but the dog would have liked to run the shore forever.

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