Saturday, November 21, 2009

the earth gets naked - part three

When you go to the naked earth you go from many things on your horizon to few things - grand things. Leaving Cochabamaba Bolivia - I left a scene of humans caught up in much activity - surrounded by their structures, sounds, and smells. Busy, busy place.

Three days later passing through a desert where a particular rock formation stood out distinctly - the stone tree - I thought, "how restful."

A nude mountain and blue-green lake, two things to look at. Next, a red lake full of flamingos. The thoughts I had were simple and quiet, "they match the lake . . or the lake and the birds, like, match."

Pay attention and remember.

At lunch, a fancy affair that came from the back of a jeep, which I ate off a plate in a desert over 12,000 miles above sea level, I was visited by a curly-tailed rabbit looking creature - the vizcacha.

It is true - all of it. There is a red lake, and a green one, and a rabbit with a long tail and I ate a vegetable medley off a porcelain plate the day I saw a stone tree and a nearly full moon in the day-time sky.


  1. As I read this, I recalled a quote from travel writer Paul Theroux: "A desert is an empty canvas; it is you who gives it features and a mood, who work at creating the mirage and making it live.

    Great photos. Loved the viscacha!


  2. yes - i think its not much work for me - a desert dweller - to create the mirage out of a desert.

    . . . maybe its how we survive them. the viscacha has the awesome tail - i have my imagination.

    miss you guys - travel well!