Wednesday, September 2, 2009


One way to leave Las Cruces, New Mexico - wait for a greyhound bus at a chevron gas station. Wait because the bus that's coming at 7:50pm won't arrive until 2:15am. Wait with others who are stuck because their connecting bus to L.A. was oversold and the driver couldn't let them on. They look around wondering where they've been left. What is this place? This is how the city I've known, resided in for years, becomes a foreign place. We, travelers all, wait for buses to roll up out of the darkness and take us in. Finally, they do.

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  1. NPR had a great story on today about the "communities' one encounters on buses. This professor had traded his car life for the bus life and had many insights as to who rides buses, why they ride, and wisodms one might absorb in these bus "communities."